What makes the 2022 Buick Encore an Excellent Small Car?




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Though the 2022 Buick Encore is a car with small dimensions, it still provides ample space inside the cabin. However, apart from the cabin details, numerous aspects make this automobile an excellent small car. When consulting Rigby Buick dealer, you can come across this vehicle. However, to precisely understand what makes this an excellent small car, you need to understand its abilities.

Smooth ride

One of the reasons that make this an ideal small car is its smooth ride feature. Irrespective of how the road is, most of the time this car will offer a swift riding experience to drivers as well as passengers. The credit for this goes to the powertrain that Buick equips this vehicle with.

It is not the fastest but delivers enough power to run this automobile. This power comes from its four-cylinder 1.4L engine, which creates a maximum of 155 horses. The standard automatic six-speed transmission provides enough pep for the FWD or AWD system. Moreover, steering is engaging and accurate which makes drivers drive this vehicle with ease.

However, the major reason for it having such a sweet ride is due to its suspension system. The Encore’s suspension quickly dampens harsh impacts as well as soaks up every bump easily. Apart from the powertrain, this is another major reason for this small car to offer a smooth ride like one would prefer.

Insight into its interior

The interior is created for people to feel ideal comfort as well as look aesthetically pleasing. With a dark-themed design, its interior looks quite premium. Soft-touch materials along with comfortable seats with ideal lumbar support make this vehicle quite fetching. Also, the placement of the infotainment screen along with other details on the dashboard gives it an upscale vibe that is missing from most small cars.

Also, the interior consists of features like SiriusXM radio, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, data connection for Wi-Fi onboard, and more. Also, it comes with a 6-speaker system and connectivity includes USB ports, Bluetooth, etc. However, certain features can be upgraded and customized too. Thus, you need to contact Rigby Buick GMC dealer for details about such upgrades and more. They will be able to help get the suitable upgrades.

Cost of this small car

Numerous small cars are available in the market and their price varies from one manufacturer to another. The 2022 Buick Encore comes in two versions; Preferred costs $25,795, while its AWD version costs $26,415.

With this price, Encore is either at par with its rivals or costs lesser. Furthermore, visiting a dealership will allow you to get deals that might make the cost more reasonable. All you need to do is decide whether you’d like an FWD or AWD drivetrain when purchasing this automobile.

All these features mentioned earlier and the price tag is what make the 2022 Buick Encore an excellent small car. When driving in a city, its small dimension and maneuverable capability will offer a great driving experience. Similarly, on a highway, you can have ample power from its suitable engine.