Teal Swan on How Meditation Helps You to Curb Depression?




Sadly, the cases of mental health illnesses and suicide have surged a lot across the world. There are several causes, and one of the biggest ones is the feeling of being disconnected from the self. Loneliness and depression are driving people to suicide, which is not good for the world.

Teal Swan – Helping people reduce depression

Teal Swan is a new-age spiritual teacher and mentor. She is a best-selling author and has published many books dealing with loneliness, self-love, and more. Besides being a spiritual teacher and author, she is a social media star and has her own channel on YouTube with more than 20 million views and a quarter-million subscribers. She is a motivational public speaker and travels the world to spread her spiritual messages to everyone.

When it comes to depression, she helps people in their emotional healing. According to her, people are disassociated with their internal qualities and values. They live like robots and are subjected to anxiety, fear, and stress daily. They are losing their authentic self and their innate desire to live and enjoy life in the process.

Self-help tools

Due to the above reason, she has developed many self-help videos and offers her followers guided meditation videos on her official site. If you examine life today, you will find that depression is a major issue in older people. In fact, credible sources have discovered that 20% of people are suffering from depression, and persistent depression leads to heart disease and subsequent death from acquired illnesses. Depression adversely affects the lives of people as they become socially isolated, and their cognitive functions, especially their memory, get affected.

Arresting depression

Depression can be treated in several ways. The two popular ways are psychotherapy and anti-depressants. They are generally the first-line recommended treatments for people. However, meditation is an effective way to train the brain on how to respond to events that invoke anxiety and stress.

Get rid of negative patterns and thinking

The two major triggers of depression are anxiety and stress. They occur when you feel anxious and stressed. With meditative practice, one can alter their reaction to those feelings. Meditation trains your brain to get sustained concentration and return to that focus when triggered by negative thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations that are adverse in nature.

It has been found that meditation has the ability to change regions in the brain that have been linked to depression. Regular meditation helps you stop ruminating about the past and worrying too much about the future.

Teal Swan has helped many people come out of loneliness and depression with her guided meditation tools. With them, people are able to ignore the signs of anxiety and induced stress that affect their brains. Regular meditation helps one stop overthinking as the clutter in the brain disappears.

The main objective of regular meditation is not to change your thinking about stress and anxiety. It helps you to respond to them better. You get the clarity of mind and the courage it takes to take on challenges better, rather than give in to them and suffer!

In her book, “How to Love Yourself: Adventures in The Dominions,” she gives readers a guide as to how self-love can really make a difference in their lives. According to her, the journey toward self-love can at times seem to be treacherous, especially when people struggle. In her book, she reveals that one can achieve self-love under any circumstance. She teaches people how they can love themselves and heal their life.

This book is an updated and revised edition of her previous book called Shadows Before Dawn, where she shared with her readers her own experience as a child gifted with extrasensory qualities and being a victim of frequent abuse. She writes about how she managed to transform her life and overcome the feelings of self-hate. She transformed her own suffering into one of joy and self-love.

Boost self-worth and esteem

In this book, she makes an attempt to guide people on their own journey towards self-worth and love. Here she gives everyone 29 amazing techniques and tools she used to discover self-love.

With the help of the above life-changing tools, you are able to develop the practice of self-love, follow self-worth, and learn how to love yourself in every way so that you can effectively step into your life’s purpose.