Strawberry Mojito Recipe




The scrumptious Strawberry Mojito is a fruity twist on the classic Cuban highball. It is perfect for the warm temperatures, this refreshing herbal, berry as well as rum drink is simple to make and enjoy. 10 minutes to prepare and complete.

Do you want to make your own Strawberry Mojito as a mocktail instead? Tips for making the non-alcoholic version are available in the recipe’s faqs.


Mojitos are a staple of summer in our home. They are light and sweet with the fresh flavors of mint, lime and white rum mojitos are refreshing drinks during a hot summer day. We like this refreshing twist on the classic drink because:

It’s simple to prepare for summer-time parties. It’s a simple recipe for summer entertaining. Strawberry Mojito doesn’t require an amount of effort. It’s perfect in the glass you’re serving it into; without straining or shaking.

It is stunning when it is served in a glass, due to the vivid color of the strawberry fruit as well as the juices.

It’s an excellent method to showcase seasonal fruits and vegetables. Fresh, sweet, and juicy strawberries are among my absolute favorite later in the spring as well as early summer snacks. Additionally, I often have a bounty of mint in my herb gardens and this is an excellent recipe to use up your fresh produce.

It can be easily modified to be non-alcoholic to make a refreshing mocktail which your guests will enjoy.


Strawberry Mojitos only require 6 ingredients (plus the ice) as well as an highball glass and a cocktail spoon and the muddler. For making the drink, you’ll require:

Lime wedges. The smaller wedges work best. I usually chop half of the lime in four wedges for this recipe.

Fresh mint leaves. I am a fan of the plentiful spearmint I can find at the market or my own garden. “Mojito mint” (mentha x Villosa) is equally wonderful however, it can be difficult to locate to plant.

Superfine sugar. It has smaller crystals than granulated sugar , and dissolves faster in cocktails. Superfine sugar can be found (also known as “caster sugar” or “baker’s sugar”) in the baking section of the department. If your local grocery store does not have sugar, then you could create Superfine Sugar yourself by using the granulated sugar as well as an food processor.

Fresh strawberries. The tops are removed and the berries cut.

White Rum. Are you heading to the liquor shop? Look over the Best White Rums for Cocktails from Decanter.

Club Soda. Carbonated water that has added minerals, like Fever Tree or Q Mixers.

Crushed or Cubed Ice. Make use of a high-speed blender (such such as Vitamix) as well as an Lewis bags and mallets to break up ice cubes into cocktails. For those who are making mojitos to serve guests and require a bigger quantity, you could purchase containers of crushed ice at a variety of Sonic locations as well as certain convenience stores.


There will be around 5 minutes to prepare the ingredients for the drink (wedging the lime, and then slicing the strawberries) and five minutes to mix it.

Begin by placing mint leaves, sugar superfine and the strawberries that you have prepped inside the lower part of the highball glass. Use your cocktail muddler gently squeeze the strawberries until the juices are released and the fruit is the texture of a chunky purée.

Muddling also releases mint oils from the drink. Be cautious not to over-muddle the mint leaves or the flavor may turn bitter.

Incorporate the lime wedges into the glass, and then gently shake them to let the juices escape to the glass. While not straining the mix add enough ice the glass to fill the glass.

For the final drink Pour the rum over the ice, and then fill the remainder in the glass by adding club soda. Use a cocktail shaker to mix everything up, and Serve the Strawberry Mojito with a sprig of mint fresh to garnish.



A. To make a non-alcoholic variation of this drink, just omit the rum, and follow the remainder of the recipe in the manner described. Alternate with for a non-alcoholic alternative to rum like Lyre’s White Cane Spirit.


3 fresh strawberries, tops removed and berries cut

10 fresh mint leaves , plus extra for garnish

1 tablespoon superfine sugar 1 tablespoon superfine

1/2 lime , cut into wedges

2 12 ounces white rum

3 ounces club soda

Ice (crushed or cubes)


in a glass highball mix the strawberries, mint and sugar. Mix them until the strawberry pieces break into a chunky purée. Be cautious not to over-muddle so that the mint doesn’t get bitter.

Add the lime wedges into the glass and then gently stir until the juices have released.

Pour ice into the glass enough to fill it. (Do do not strain or shake the muddled mix.) Pour the rum into the ice and then finish with club soda until it fills the glass. Mix until it is well-combined.

Serve immediately and garnish with an sprig of mint to garnish.

Recipe #2

The Strawberry Mojito recipe is the most refreshing summer drink. White rum, juicy strawberries , and cool mint leaves create a delightful mix for a summer drink. Learn how to make the most delicious strawberry mojito!

Mojitos are a fantastic option to serve during the warm seasons. the addition of fresh strawberries makes it more appealing.

It’s a refreshing cocktail that is fun to have with friends on your back patio throughout the summer. If you’re hosting an event in the summer and are looking for ways to impress the guests at your party, then this beautiful summer cocktail is the perfect choice.

The good news is making a strawberry mojito is exactly the same as mixing the traditional or this tasty mojito made of pineapple. The key to success (as always) lies in the mixing! If you mix the strawberry and mint it will release their flavours and make your drink even better.

This recipe requires fresh strawberries, mint leaves , and 2 teaspoons lime juice with rum and sugar.

Strawberries: Muddled and cut to release strawberry flavor.

Mint: The minty cool mixed with strawberries is a wonderful combination.

Lime Juice is a great addition to the brightness of the citrus.

Rum Rum: White (or light) Rum is the preferred alcohol. This isn’t the drink to change to dark or spiced rum. White rum is mild on flavor, letting natural ingredients show through.

Simple Syrup: To sweetenthe drink, easy syrup is simplest and my preferred choice, however mojitos made traditionally with fine sugar. It’s either a good choice to add a touch of sweetness. Otherwise, this drink will be too tart for enjoyment.

If you’re using sugar that’s fine, it’s more heavy and will be able to settle at the bottom of the glass. Be sure to make sure you take the moment to mix it up until the sugar is completely dissolving.

Club Soda The last strawberry mojito’s ingredient is club soda that gives this drink the perfect amount of spark.

How to Make a Strawberry Mojito

Step 1: Wash and slice your strawberries first.

You’ll need 3-4 strawberries to mix into each drink. If I have extra strawberries I’ll add a few additional slices of each drink near the end to provide a small snack after they’ve soaked up a bit of alcohol.

Step 2. Within each glass add the 3-4 strawberries cut into slices together with three to four mint leaves in the bottom. Add 2 teaspoons of fresh squeezed lime juice, and gently mix (which means lightly mashing) all of it together. Muddlers are the most simple to use, however you could also use the wooden spoon that has a thick handle, or a similar equipment.

It is important not to over-muddle. Strawberry should come broken into small fragments (not the form of a purée) and the leaves of mint remain mostly intact. The slightest bruising is all it takes to let the mint oil out.

Step 3. Add the rum and simple syrup, and stir.

4. Add an additional cut or two strawberry if you’d like.

The 5th step is to add ice, then finish with club soda.

6. Garnish the drink with mint leaves and drink!

Utilize the recipe card below to print out the ingredients and directions for this delicious Strawberry Mojito cocktail. Enjoy!