Simple Process To Change iPhone 6 And 6s Battery




Explain to me how I changed the battery in my iPhone 6. I depend on the battery life of my phone because I use it for work. And I fixed to buy the kit because I was assured of my ability to complete it properly. If you are not confident then the iPhone 6s battery replacement auckland is the best way.

Step 1 – Open the IPhone 6

After turning off your iPhone, unscrew the two pentalobe bottom screws adjacent to the charging port.

Disconnect the screen’s back housing. Start by carefully raising the screen with the suction cup. Once there is a teeny gap between the front and the back, insert the plastic tool. Glide the plastic tool along the phone’s sides to fully apart the front assembly. While completing the following step, hold the front assembly in one hand.

Step 2 – Disconnecting the Battery

Remove the steel plate with your fingers or tweezers by unscrewing the screw that secures it to the battery connector.

Use a plastic tool to unplug the connector from the battery located under the plate. With very little force, the connector will easily come loose.

Step 3 – Taking the Battery Out

There are several ways to go about removing the battery. Two strips of STRONG adhesive are used to secure the battery in place. You can remove these adhesive strips from the phone’s base. The adhesive on the phone’s back can be softened by using a hair dryer; the battery will then be easier to remove.

I pulled the adhesive along the battery’s left side out by levering the left corner of the battery upward. There will be less chance of the adhesive tearing as a result.

The adhesive can also be pulled straight down, in the direction of the charging port, even though, as I already mentioned, it is more likely to tear in that position.

Step 4 – Attach the front assembly and the battery.

The freshly applied adhesive should then be covered with the battery. if the LCD or touch screen still doesn’t function properly, it might be because the connectors didn’t secure properly. In that case, go back to this step, unplug these connectors, and then plug them back in.

The metal plate is screwed onto the connectors. Make sure the screws are in the appropriate locations.

Step 5 – the front assembly should be updated.

Make sure the tops of the front and back assemblies are touching. With your fingers, firmly press the two assemblies together.

The phone’s time and date are reset to default after a battery change. Your phone must be synced with a wifi network to automatically change the time and date before it finds reception; otherwise, the top left corner of the screen will just say “Searching…”

I hope the battery swap for your iPhone 6 goes off without a hitch! If you have any problems visit iPhone 6 battery replacement auckland or send me a message and I will do my best to respond as soon as possible.