Sharon Deflorio – Why Is Investment in Happiness and Health Important in Life?




Life has its share of personal and professional ups and downs that you should be prepared to accept. There is no point in being stressed out and worried about the things you cannot control at times. The secret here is to let go and focus on self-happiness and health. When you are happy inside, you make healthy choices that not only do you good but for the others around you. 

Sharon Deflorio – Take time out for yourself

Sharon Deflorio is a specialist in business development from Norwalk, CT, in the USA, with a proven track record in client communication and building relationships. She served Xerox as an Executive Compensation Analyst; prior to this, she was a Senior Corporate Paralegal with Terex Corporation. She has also worked with Sonnenschein Nath and Rosenthal. She was a corporate paralegal in New York City. 

According to her, monetary investments are essential for a secure financial future. However, money can never bring you happiness or buy you good health. She believes you should focus on your personal and professional self-development. For instance, she is a business development representative and has a demanding career where she must always meet people and cater to a clientele of senior executives. 

Invest in professional self-development for career success 

Her job gives her a lot of reasons to be stressed out and run against deadlines. However, instead of succumbing to work pressures, she chooses to balance her professional and personal life to be focused and successful. For instance, demands in any industry change, and one needs to upgrade their skills to meet clients’ expectations and advance in their career. 

Embrace new opportunities as they come by 

You should never be stagnant in your career, so look for opportunities where you can develop or upgrade your existing skills to the next level. For instance, she has completed a Mastering Sales Course at Northwestern I Kellogg and received a Paralegal certification from Adelphi University during her career to become successful in work. She believes there is no age limit to learning, so keep your eyes and ears open to know about the latest developments in your industry to upgrade your skills and be at the top of the competition with the newest knowledge needed for growth. 

According to Sharon Deflorio, you should equally invest time in your health and happiness. Good health starts with discipline, so you should have a healthy diet with exercise. Sleep and rest are equally important, and good habits like not smoking or drinking go the extra mile in giving you energy throughout the day. You can limit smoking and drinking to social events; however, do not make them a daily habit. 

Staying hydrated is vital, so drink plenty of water and natural juices instead of coffee to focus on your work. To beat the stress, you can always resort to meditation and deep breathing exercises to clear the mind from clutter and give you the calmness you need to face the day without tensions!