Polvoron Recipe




Polvoron is a shortbread that’s Filipino-style composed of toasted flour, powdered milk, sugar and butter. Buttery, sweet and easy to alter by adding various flavors, it’s a tasty dessert or snack and great to give as gifts also!

What is Polvorones What does it mean?

Polvoron is a kind of shortbread that is popular in Spain and in its colonial past within Latin America and the Philippines. The name, which comes directly from Spanish word”polvo” (“powder” as well as “dust”) suggests, it’s a softand crumbly confection that is made of flour sugar, milk and nuts.

The traditional Filipino version makes use of whole cream powder, toasty flour sugar, butter or margarine, additional ingredients like the ube (purple yam) as well as strawberry and pipig (crispy rice) cashew, cookies are often used as flavor variations.

The mix is cut into smaller portions using molds made from tin, and then wrapped in cellophane, or Japanese paper to keep it fresh.

Tips on How to Make Polvoron

Mix the ingredients until wet; if it seems dry, you can add more melted butter in 1-tbs increments.

It is important to put the molds in as small as you can to prevent the polvorons from breaking.

They can also be frozen prior to wrapping them for around three to five minutes, or till they are firm for them to hold their shape.

Are you looking for a second layer of delicious? Freeze, then dip it in the melted dark or white chocolate!

Recipe #1


2 cups of flour

1 cup full cream milk

1 cup of sugar

1 cup butter and melt it

For the Pinipig Flavor

1/2 cup pinipig

For the Cashew or Peanut Flavor

1/2 cup cashew unsalted, or peanut

For the Cookies and Cream Flavor

6 Oreo cookies

1 tablespoon butter that has been melted


In a pan with medium-high temperature, add the flour.

A bowl is used to stir together the toasted flourwith powdered milk and sugar until well blended. Add butter, and continue stirring until the mixture is the mixture is well-combined.

Place the mixture in a baking dish with a flat surface and, using a polvoron mold to form into cookies. Make sure that the mold is as small as is possible.

Lay them in one sheet on the baking sheet , then chill until firm for approximately 30 minutes.

Wrap in cellophane individually wrappers or Japanese wrapping paper.

For the Pinipig Flavor

In a large skillet, with medium-high temperature, add the pinipig. Toast, stirring frequently until lightly brown and then begins to pop. Remove the pan from the oven and let cool.

Mix with polvoron, and mix well.

For the Cashew or Peanut Flavor

In a pan with medium-high temperature, place cashews or peanuts. 

With a food processor process until it is finely ground.

Add the mixture to the polvoron and mix until it is well-combined.

For the Cookies and Cream Flavor

Scrape cream-filled filling from cookies.

A food processor grind until the food is coarsely crushed.

Mix in the polvoron mix and add an one tablespoon butter, and stir until it is well-combined.

Recipe #2

Required Ingredients vs Optional Mix-Ins

The flour that is toasted, the powdered milk sugar and butter are the essential ingredients. As this recipe has very few ingredients, you should use the finest, freshest butter and flour that you can get.

How do you toast flour to make homemade pollopon

Use plain all-purpose flour. To toast the flour, is an incredibly important step.

The first thing to remember is that you should not eat raw flour. It’s a food ingredient that could contain harmful bacteria.

Toasting the flour gives it flavor, while making the flour safe to consume.

Toasting the flour is done in a small pan over medium-high temperature. Mix the flour frequently to distribute heat evenly and avoid burning.

The flour can be toasted according to your preference, from light brown to deep brown. But, be cautious not to overheat the flour.

Powdered Milk

I strongly would recommend whole milk powder. I suggest Nestle Nido, Horizon Organic Judee’s.

The most widely available dry milk is the instant nonfat milk.

Nestle Carnation instant nonfat dry milk is the one that you’ll get at the majority of American supermarkets. Bob’s Red Mill also sells nonfat milk in a different version.

However, they will not provide the same creaminess and richness as the whole milk.

If you decide to use any milk product that you decide to use, ensure that it’s powdery. The milk powder is pulsable using a processor or food processor till the consistency becomes more powder-like.

Unsalted Butter

It is the glue that holds the wet ingredients. Make sure to use butter that is of high-quality.

It is evident when you use fresh butter as opposed to butter that’s been sitting in the refrigerator for a long period of.

Although not advised, this recipe can also be able to work with margarine, butters made from vegans and shortening. Shelf stable polvoron can be made using shortening.

Optional Ingredients

Malted Milk Powder

Crispy rice Cereal (or pinipig)

Other mix-ins like Ube Halaya and crushed Oreo cookies sprinkles

Nuts like peanuts, cashews, pecans or pecans (chopped and ground to powder)

I strongly recommend the addition of the malted milk powder. While not typical however, it provides a sweetness that is toasty.

How do you create Filipino the polvoron you want by hand

Toast flour. Mix the flour with the remaining dry ingredients.

Include warm butter that has been melted.

Combine all ingredients until the mixture is the consistency of a crumble.

Create cookies! Let the cookies set at room temperature or speed up the process using the freezer or fridge.

Pinipig Alternative

Pinipig is the name given to toasted young rice that has been toasted. It’s also referred to by its name as young rice pounded, or young sweet rice in flakes.

It gives a crunch to desserts.

Pinipig, unfortunately, is difficult to locate within America. United States. In my local Filipino market sells frozen versions at the time of the holidays.

It is possible to locate pinipig at Thai and Vietnamese markets.

To spare you the hassle I’d recommend the option: rice crisp cereal!

It’s the same cereal that you use to make rice crispy snacks. It has the same crunchy texture and taste.

Special Oval Stampers and Other Alternatives

Classic Polonon is made into ovals. These oval-shaped stampers (punchers) are hard to come across on the United States.

The oval stampers available on the internet through Amazon along with other sellers can be quite costly.

I was lucky enough to discover them in Seafood City Market for under $2 per serving. However, they’re poor quality and will not last long.

I’ve tested this recipe with two other options:

Silicone Molds

There is a variety of silicone molds that you can pick from. They are available in various sizes and shapes.

Find silicone molds at restaurants store supply shops (such like Chef’s Toys, JB Prince and Restaurant Depot) or bakers supply stores (such as Baker’s Bodega).

You will find an array of products on Amazon.

Here are a few choices from Amazon Small round discs and a variety of cylinder mold packs, or oval cavities.

How to utilize flexible molds of silicone for the production of polvoron

You’ll require an unflat surface, a spoon and dough tamper.

Set the silicone mold on the flat surface like baking sheets. Pour the any amount of cookie dough you like into the mold.

Make use of a dough tamper make dough compact into a disc.

Allow the mixture to set at temperatures of room temperature. You can speed up the process by putting the mold in the freezer or fridge.

Take the cookies that have been formed out of the mold and have a blast!

Mini Cupcake Pan

Use a mini cupcake pan or mini muffin tin. The majority of them have 24-cup (cavities) for each tray. They are available with traditional steel pans, or modern silicone mats with flexible rubber.

Make use of paper liners to remove the shortbread cookies from their molds.

The muffin tin should be lined with a muffin tray. Scoop in the any amount of cookie dough you like. Use an tamper to press and compress the cookie.

Cupcake Liners

Mini muffin liners are specially designed specifically for small muffin pans. They are available as disposable options, and recyclable silicone ones.

Or, paper cups can also be used. They are just a little smaller.

How do I serve Filipinos with the Polvoron

Serve the biscuits at room temperatures. Cookies should break up and melt inside your mouth.

Polvoron can be enjoyed as a dessert or snack. It is particularly well-known during the Christmas season (which for the Philippines is from September to January) as well as during celebration events like the Easter holiday and birthdays.

If you’re storing the polvoron in the refrigerator or freezer, you should allow the cookies to come until they reach room temperature before eating.

Cookies will appear quite hard right from the freezer. The butter will need some time to warm up and soften.

Shelf Life of Homemade Polvoron

To ensure the longevity the cookies will last, put your homemade polvoron inside an air-tight container inside the freezer or fridge. I recommend using a container similar to keep any smells that may emanate from the refrigerator or freezer to enter these buttery cookies.

The cookies should last for a month in the refrigerator. For a longer period, they can be stored for several months (about three months) in the freezer. The cookies should be allowed to cool at room temperature prior to eating.

The well-known Goldilock polvoron cookies can be stored on the shelf because they are made from shortening, instead of butter.

Shortening is pure fat, while butter is around 20% fat. Butter is a good source of 15-20 percent moisture.

You can use margarine or shortening instead of butter. However, I don’t suggest it. The resultant cookies won’t be like the original ones.