Joseph Cianciotto Talks About How to Become a Creative Director




Creativity is inherent to every individual’s personality. All one needs to do is identify the area in which they are the most creative and then nurture it accordingly. The interesting thing about being creative is that one could also help people by bringing to life their thoughts and ideas and take this up as a profession just like Joseph Cianciotto. He worked in the role of an executive creative director after having worked as a presentation designer. He has gained experience over the last two decades and worked with popular agencies such as DDB, Translation, Publicis, etc.

Job description of a creative director

Manifestation of the visions of a particular project or brand digitally or in film or print is the basic work of a creative director. HE makes sure that the appearance of the product reflects the thinking of its makers vividly. This he does while maintaining a certain degree of cohesiveness. The range of a project could be anything from magazines to an advertising campaign to video games or a fashion line.

Depending on the industry there may be differences in the realm of the functions of a creative director. However, the basic tasks of this role include the conduction of coordination with clients with a focus on the timelines, budget, and every other aspect of the campaign. The entire creative team works under him.

Required Skills of a creative director

Among the required soft skills for the position of a creative director are being a team player, acing the management of interpersonal relationships, the ability to communicate effectively, and of course inevitable the ability to exercise creativity at all times. A creative director such as Joe Cianciotto holds the important responsibility of nurturing people’s ideas and making them public.

Who is a creative director to report to?

The creative director ideally should be reporting to the editorial director, if one is working for a magazine.

Scope of a creative director

A creative director is not just related to the advertising industry such as Joseph CianciottoSeveral other industries have the creative director as an integral part of their creative team. Some of those industries worthy of mention include:

  1. Social media – in the present times social media plays an intrinsic part in everyone’s life, thus making it pertinent that creativity is used to the best extent in making these platforms attracting and engaging. The correct information has to be brought to the fore appropriately. It is the job of a creative director to ensure that all information available on the social media platform is authentic and does not harm anyone.
  1. Television – a creative director plays an extremely significant role in this industry in making sure all programs are aired and presented appropriately.

Irrespective of which industry a creative director is working in, the responsibility is a serious one and therefore a lot of knowledge is also required alongside the natural creativity that a creative director already has.