How Successful Is Ultherapy for Eyes?




Sagging skin and wrinkles on the face and neck region can make you look much older than you happen to be. Going under the knife as plastic surgery is colloquially known may not be the best solution for people either. You may be scared of undergoing an invasive procedure as it is sure to come with several risks. Besides, the entire procedure is likely to be expensive and can be way out of your reach. It is always advisable to look for alternatives. You may prefer ultherapy for eyes especially when you are determined to get rid of the droopy eyelids or bags under your eyes. Make sure to educate yourself about this particular non-invasive procedure that has proved to be quite successful with a majority of patients revealing their satisfaction afterward.

Ultherapy: How Does It Work?

Collagen is generated within the human body when there is a need to repair the damage in the tissues. The skin becomes firm and retains its elasticity when there is elastin generated at the same time. However, the generation of both collagen and elastin reduces with age. The therapist will use the ultherapy technique with the aid of a specific device that directs ultrasound energy to the areas that require rejuvenation. The concerned waves reach deep into the skin to trigger the production of collagen. The new cells thus produced will also help the skin to become taut and blemish-free. A younger-looking skin is achieved without invasive treatments. There are no fillers, pigments, or strong chemicals used either.

Is Ultherapy a safe procedure?

Sure! Many patients feel a bit apprehensive about going through ultherapy especially when it is used in the vicinity of one’s eyes. The therapist and other experts who perform the same procedure regularly are quick to point out its advantages while stating that ulltherapy has been approved by the FDA in 2009 for repairing the aged skin.

What you should know about ultherapy for the eyes?

The procedure will bypass the outer layers of the skin completely with the ultrasound waves being delivered directly 4 mm beneath the outer layer. Collagen will thus be produced rapidly with no scarring or pain felt on the surface.

You will be able to get the entire process done within 60 to 90 minutes. The therapist will utilize imaging to be reassured of the energy being focused at the right point.

When are the results obvious?

Ultherapy for the eyes does not reveal the success of the procedure instantly. You may have to wait for weeks or at least a month to find tiny signs of collagen being produced. The laxity of the skin will be reversed with the fine wrinkles disappearing over time.

Is ultherapy effective for the eyes?

Targeting the skin above or below your eyes can be challenging. You have to find an expert specializing in ultherapy procedures to ensure success. Puffy eyes and bags under the eyes may be reduced somewhat with the therapy but you cannot expect a lightening of dark circles completely.