Documents To Carry When Meeting A Divorce Attorney




When you fix your first meeting with a divorce attorney, it is an opportunity for them and you to get to know each other. In this first meeting, your attorney will probably expect crucial details of your divorce case, mainly the documents related to your marriage. You must carry these documents to your attorney so they can understand your case. 

Moreover, having these documents will save your and the attorney’s time if your case is something they cannot handle by themselves. You can ask them for a recommendation or explore options in such a situation. If you are looking for an experienced lawyer t handle your divorce case, you must immediately contact divorce lawyers in Kenosha, WI.

Documents to have when meeting a divorce attorney 

  1. Your work and income documents 

Documents related to your income are essential to the divorce case as the court needs these papers and details to decide child support, child custody, alimony, property distribution, etc. Most of these documents will also show your tax returns and pay stubs. Moreover, if you have an additional source of income, you must show your lawyer that as well. 

Include all the documents showing your earnings in your marital period. For example, your spouse’s paychecks and your paycheck these details will indicate your annual revenues. 

In addition, you must also take your individual and joint tax returns that you and your spouse paid for the last three to five years. Your lawyer will also need a print of the financial statement and details regarding your net worth made by you and your spouse separately. 

  1. Real estate papers 

Real estate is a significant asset that the court considers while property division between both spouses. Note that any real estate you and your spouse purchased during your marriage is marital property, even though you or your spouse might have paid for it individually. 

Before meeting your lawyer, ensure you carry any documents related to the real estate bought during the marriage. Moreover, if you used a separately owned property to pay the mortgage or any other property expense, you must include that. 

Documents contain a legal description of the property and real estate owned by you, your spouse, or both. The lawyer must also show any current mortgage statement to understand your divorce case. 

  1. Join accounts documents. 

Just link the income statement; the court will ask for any joint account statements and documents you and your spouse possess. According to the law, both partners must reveal all their assets, and any account opened separately or jointly during your marriage is marital property. 

So make sure you do not skip out on any paper related to your bank accounts that are separate or joint and present them to your divorce attorney.