5 Best AI Tools For Social Media Strategy




Social media has grown to newer heights and become the most important thing for individuals and brands. However, brands leverage social media to engage, connect, and promote themselves and these platforms support brands by introducing new features. Overall, it has been happening over the years and now brands are more confident in using these platforms, and completely indulge in it. Read Also: best fighting games oculus quest 2

The internet has got technologically updated, where we have seen the introduction of automation and artificial intelligence, which made social media marketing and building strategy easier, simpler, and personalized. So, if you aren’t aware of AI in social media and not leveraging it, then you must start it right now.

Today, the social media marketing agency in Delhi has come up with the 5 Best artificial intelligence for social media. Here’s the list that will help you to get started according to your need and social media strategy.

  1. Yotpo:

For a product or service to improve, innovate, and enhance its effectiveness—you need to understand the customer’s point of view. Getting feedback is one of the genuine and most accurate aspects to build products on. To enhance the products with proper and nearby accurate suggestions Yotpo plays an important role. Where its moderating tool analyses customer feedback and attitude towards the products or services. It delivers important information that will help you to enhance the product. You can increase the sales with product betterment.

  1. Lately:

Perfect content with the right timing to post is the most important thing on social media. With Lately you can easily achieve it. Lately recognizes the perspective and message of the posts, and creates one through URL and document. This tool also recognizes the social media metrics and recommends you the right time to post them.

  1.  Chatbots:

Many brands use social media platforms for customer care or service, where they solve people’s queries and other FAQs. But it is impossible to react to or reply to the prospects in the DMs all the time. So, to support the brands with instant replies, chatbots have been introduced as AI in social media. It is not only used on social media platforms, but many add chatbots to their website as well. The social media agency in Delhi recommends three trusted and leading conversational AI used such as Drift, Hubspot, and LivePerson.

  1. Pattern89:

Social media ads’ engagement, increase in conversion rates, sales leads, and reaching the mass audience with a single creative has changed the perception of marketers. Today from start-ups to established brands go for social media ads, but doing it in the right way without wasting budget and extracting benefits from it is not easy for beginners.

However, AI in social media has made things easier, crisper, and more accurate for you. AI like Pattern89 optimizes the budget, and bids, and does channel management through machine learning. It also makes creatives and recommends the budget expenditure that reduces cost over revenue.

  1. Ai.Writer:

Creatives and content are the most crucial aspect of everything, it may be websites, ads, or social media marketing. You can’t survive without it. You also build the social media strategy based on it. Thus, making relevant, crisp, and engaging content for the audience and prospects are very important. Though producing such content, takes brainstorming, effort, and time-consuming. But AI is not just limited to data representation or technical aspects, it can reproduce creative content as well.

With Ai.Writer, you can produce a lot of content within just a click. Here you need to simply add the headline and get you content created by it. But the social media marketing agency in Delhi doesn’t claim it to be flawless, there is a bit of them, but in the end, it is AI and content always finishes with a human touch. You need to tweak the content and get the blogs ready to post. Get a bunch of content in the time span of creating a single content by you.


Through AI you can make things easier, and faster, and improve social media strategy. Thus, the social media agency in Delhi hopes that this blog has helped you!